Let's Better in Knowing of Noodles

Let's Better in Knowing of Noodles

Who does not like fried noodles or boiled noodles? When the whether is rainy or cold it is a perfect time to eat noodles. Noodle is a popular Asian food, that has a chewy texture and savory taste. It is easy to find noodle seller in our country. However, do you know its history and meaning? Let's better in knowing the history and meaning of the noodles.

History of Noodles

Noodles is one of the most popular food in Asia, especially in East and Southeast Asia. Noodle are thin and long dough that has been rolled, dried, and cooked in boiling water.

The history of the noodles were first made in mainland China about 2000 years ago during the reign of the Han dynasty. From China, noodles grown and spread to Japan, Korea, Taiwan and countries in Southeast Asia and even extends to the European continent. In Europe, noodles became known as Marco Polo visited China and brought gifts noodles. However, the developments in Europe turned into pasta noodles as we know it today.

The art of grinding wheat was first developed in the Middle East, such as in Egypt and Persia. At first the noodles produced manually, the new 700s knowledge creation history records small noodles making machine using mechanical devices. The evolution of noodle-making evolved massively after T.Masaki in 1854 succeeded in making mechanical noodles making machine can produce noodles mass. Since then, noodles undergone many developments, such as in China began production of instant noodles known as the Chicken Ramen and in Japan appear Saparo Ramen (1962).

Meaning of the Noodle

In Chinese culture, the noodles are a symbol of long life. Therefore, traditional noodles are often served at birthday party and the Chinese New Year as a symbol of longevity. So the Chinese version of the birthday cake was a birthday noodles.

In Japan, noodles put in the Japanese tea ceremony and make noodles into a separate art in the country. Noodles more important in Japan after World War II, when the lack of food and only dry noodles available.

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