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Bakmi Gang Kelinci

Established since 1957, Bakmi Gang Kelinci has been through several transition periods from its humble beginnings at Gang Kelinci in Pasar Baru, Central Jakarta, to its renowned reputation today under AK Management and presence with several outlets already established throughout Jakarta. The savoury of our dish is created with the sole use of the best ingredients, special recipes, and refined culinary skills which makes Bakmi Gang Kelinci distinctives from other noodle restaurants.

Today, Bakmi Gang Kelinci is one of the top-rated chains of Indonesian inspired noodle restaurants in Indonesia, reflecting our enduring and diverse appeal to food lovers. We continue to meet the demands of our customers by providing reliable and quick service complete with Delivery Order Service. We also provide special services and facilities at our restaurants to ensure that your event can be comfortably catered for.

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AK Management

AK Management was established in 2006 by the original family group that begun the family restaurant business of Bakmi Gang Kelinci. The creator of our original noodle recipe and his family have been responsible for maintaining the originality and authenticity of the noodles for decades. AK Management comprises of the oldest members of the family that has created the original noodle recipe. It was established to enable Bakmi Gang Kelinci to continue to deliver excellent services and maintain the authenticity of the family’s noodles using the original recipe developed by the founder.

AK Management is proud of the family’s reputable history in serving their trademark noodles at Bakmi Gang Kelinci and its vision is that it continues to enhance the quality of customers’ dining experience that is unique by its renowned reputation in the Indonesian noodle community. Customers can therefore be guaranteed of the authenticity of the noodles served at Bakmi Gang Kelinci with our innovative management strategy.

We also provides a Karaoke Entertainment Area where customers can dine with a relaxing, state-of-the-art karaoke entertainment system all within the same premise. This facility is a perfect option for corporate events and social functions (e.g. birthdays). Experience the finest sound quality, clean and healthy setting, well designed ambience, excellent services and comprehensive song database at AK Karaoke.

Delivery Order Service

Bakmi Gang Kelinci serves delivery order for Jakarta area. Please contact us:

  (021) 35 222 88, (021) 997 222 88, (021) 70 100 100

Our Outlets

Bakmi Gang Kelinci (Central Outlet)

Jl. Kelinci Raya No. 1-3, Pasar Baru, Central Jakarta 10710

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